Digital Securities Exchanges (DSX)

seriesOne is among the first movers in building a global infrastructure to lift the financial services industry onto the blockchain. It has established a presence in the US, Europe and Asia to build and consolidate an integrated global system that not only includes a primary offering platform [link back to Digital Securities Issuance (DSI) page] for digital security issuance, we are also building a global network of secondary trading platforms for liquidity.

Advantages seriesOne holds for investors

Investors can:

  • Discover innovative companies and access proprietary deal flow from around the world.
  • Gain exposure to the next generation of finance with offerings of digital securities and future liquidity through trading of digital assets on secondary markets.
  • Automate their investment process from investor accreditation and document signing to transmission of funds and receipt of your securities.
  • Manage their investments and interact with issuers through their own investor dashboard.
  • Confidently invest in deals online using a secure and compliant platform backed by a licensed broker dealer.

Please note that the purchase of Digital Securities involves a high degree of risk, including the risk of a total loss of your purchase price. Please review “Is an investment in a Digital Security Offering appropriate for me” prior to making an investment.