seriesOne partners with Vertalo

AUSTIN, Texas, May 9, 2019 – Vertalo, a cap table and investor onboarding platform for real estate, private equity and venture-funded companies seeking secondary liquidity, is excited to announce its latest partnership with a leading global digital securities fundraising platform, seriesOne. This collaboration represents the accelerating development of the digital asset ecosystem, increased desire for friction-free secondary liquidity, and the convergence of traditional investing practices, digital assets and securities.

Vertalo is the first company to design and deliver an on-chain investor on-boarding, and a cap table solution designed for broker-dealers seeking to offer digital asset solutions to their issuer clients. seriesOne can enable digital security offerings by providing a combination of fundraising infrastructure and access to a network of investors worldwide, to support companies raising capital.

Dave Hendricks, CEO & Founder at Vertalo says, “Like our team at Vertalo, the team at seriesOne has decades of experience as investors, underwriters, entrepreneurs, and technologists. Vertalo’s partnership with seriesOne is more proof of the convergence of finance, technology and entrepreneurship that we see in the emerging digital asset ecosystem.” He continues, “Vertalo’s partnership with seriesOne will enable our two teams to bring more deals to market and onboard more investors, while creating more financing and liquidity options for investors and other market participants. We look forward to supporting seriesOne and their growing client base.”

Vertalo’s partnership with seriesOne is the third premier broker-dealer partnership in April for Vertalo, showing the increasing velocity and real world adoption of tokenized assets.

“seriesOne is implementing an end-to-end solution which enables everything from initial investments in digital securities, to subsequent trading of those securities on an exchange,” said Michael Mildenberger, CEO of seriesOne. “Vertalo’s cap table technology offers a key ingredient to track digital securities throughout their life cycle, which improves investor confidence.”

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About seriesOne
seriesOne is a leading blockchain based FinTech company formed by industry veterans with decades of expertise across technology, investment banking, venture capital, and financial compliance. The firm enables digital security offerings by providing a combination of key technology, strategic consulting, fundraising infrastructure and access to a network of investors worldwide. All seriesOne services are designed to comply with applicable securities regulations, enabling companies to register, market, and escrow their fundraising initiatives.

About Vertalo
Launched in 2018, Vertalo is a cap table and investor onboarding solution founded to map the gaps between primary and secondary trading of security token offerings. Cayman-based Vertalo is the first product of SeriesX, an Austin Texas-based Security Token Investor Platform. Learn more about SeriesX and Vertalo at